General Terms and Conditions for the Accommodation Contract

§ 1 Scope

(1) The company’s headquarters of ICV bvba – BE0666.795.519 is located at Leuvense Steenweg 31, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node (Belgium).
(2) These general terms and conditions apply to all contracts for the letting of rooms for accommodation purposes and to all other
services rendered by to its clients. Please regard especially, that smoking is forbidden in the property.
There is a fine for any infringements.
(3) The subletting of the rented rooms and the use of rooms for purposes other than accommodation is strictly forbidden.
(4) The general terms and conditions of our clients will take effect once the check-in is completed.
(5) Please be aware, that we cannot accommodate minors under 18 years, if they are travelling without any adult. Minors under 18
years need a written parental permission and a copy of a parental ID card or passport. We seriously recommend getting in contact
with our booking department before arrival.

§ 2 Conclusion of the Contract, Contracting Parties

(1) The contract shall come into effect upon the acceptance of the client’s request for accommodation by
(2) The contracting parties are and the client. Should the client’s room have been booked on his behalf by a third party,
the client and the third party shall be liable vis-à-vis as joint and several debtors for all the obligations arising under
the accommodation contract, as long as is in possession of a declaration by the third party consenting to this term.

§ 3 Services, Prices, Payment, Set-Off

(1) is obliged to have the rooms reserved by the client available and to render the agreed services.
(2) The client is obliged to pay the applicable or agreed prices of for the room and the services he took advantage of
prior to arrival. This also applies to services, whereby the client causes to provide to third parties and to expenses,
which the client causes to incur vis-à-vis third parties.
(3) The agreed prices include the relevant statutory Value Added Tax (VAT). Should the Value Added Tax be increased by law, shall be entitled to adjust the agreed prices accordingly. The same applies for an introduction or increase of new
taxes and charges, which are related directly to the accommodations overnight. Furthermore shall be entitled to
change its prices should after conclusion of the contract, the client wish to make changes to the number of rooms reserved, or
services provided by for the length of the guests’ stay as long as agrees to such changes.
(4) Invoices issued by which do not bear a due date shall be due and payable in full without any deduction in advance. shall be entitled to make accumulating accounts receivable due and payable at any time and to demand immediate
payment. In the event of default by the client shall be entitled to charge the statutory default interest, currently 8%,
and in the case of legal transactions involving a consumer shall be entitled to charge interest at 5% above the basic
rate. reserves the right to prove that the damage incurred is greater than this amount.
(5) In case the client lost his key, has the right to charge the client a fee equal to 100 euros.
(6) is entitled, upon conclusion of the contract or thereafter, taking into consideration the legal provisions relating to
package holidays, to demand a reasonable security deposit. The amount and date of advance payment can be agreed in writing
in the contract. A stay for a period that would be more than seven nights can only be booked with a total advanced payment.
(7) Claims which have against the client can only be set-off against or reduced by incontestable or legally binding claims
which the client has against
(8) Payment of invoice is only possible with an expressed agreement from and with a presentation of an absorption of
your company’s cost.
(9) Possible bank charges are for customers’ accounts.

§ 4 Rescission by the Client

(1) Individuals Cancellation, Failure to use services provided by
Direct customer bookings can be cancelled for free 30 days upon arrival date unless agreed otherwise. Discounts, specials or
promotions are, unless otherwise agreed, not refundable. This applies especially to the reduced price, which can only be booked
online at our home homepage. This rate is non-refundable.
(2) A rescission by the client of the contract entered into with must be made in writing and requires written consent
from Failure to obtain the written consent from the accommodation will result in the client being obliged to pay the
contractually agreed price, even if he does not make use of the contractual services. This provision shall not apply, if it causes a
breach of duty by to make allowance for the rights, legal interests and other interests of the client, in the event that
such rights and interests should make it unreasonable to expect the client to stick to the contract or should entitle the client to
any other statutory or contractual right of rescission.
(3) If and the client have agreed in writing that the contract can be rescinded free of charge within a certain period, the
client may rescind the contract within this period without triggering claims for payment or damages by
(4) If the client fails to use a reserved room, must deduct from its bill to the client the amount it receives for rehiring the
room, should it manage to do so, the costs are saved through the client’s non-appearance.
(5) may, at its discretion, demand payment of the contractually agreed price and deduct the saved costs at a flat rate. In
this case, the client shall be obliged to pay 100% of the contractually agreed price. The client shall be free to prove that the
aforementioned claim does not exist or is lower than provided here.
(6) recommend that its clients take out insurance to protect themselves should any travel cancellation occur.

§ 5 Rescission by

(1) If an agreed demanding prepayment, in accordance with § 3 section 6 of the General Terms and Conditions even after a reasonable
length of the grace period has expired, then the is entitled to rescind from the Contract. The
may, at its discretion, demand payment of a cancellation charge in accordance with § 4, section 1. Similarly, the is
entitled to cancellation if claims from the previous booking were not paid after a reminder. This applies also to outstanding bills
at other above mentioned companies.
(2) Furthermore shall be entitled to rescind the contract, if it has objective justification, if, for instance: – for reasons of
force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of it becomes impossible to fulfill the contract; – rooms are
reserved on the basis of misleading or false information with regard to material facts such as the client’s identity or the purpose
of the room reservation; – has justified reason to believe that the client’s use of accommodation services may
jeopardize the smooth running of business, security or public reputation of without this being attributable to
shortcomings in the organization of or other areas within its control. – The provisions laid down in Article 1, paragraph
2 of these General Terms and Conditions have been violated.
(3) A legitimate rescission of the contract by does not give the client grounds to claim compensation.

§ 6 Room Allocation, Beginning and End of Room Occupancy

(1) A reservation does not entitle the client to a specific room or rooms.
(2) Reserved rooms shall be available for occupancy from 3 p.m. on the agreed day of the client’s arrival. The client shall not be
entitled to occupy the room(s) earlier than this. Please contact the accommodation in case of late arrival.
(3) On the agreed day of departure, the client must vacate the room by 11 a.m. at the latest. If the client does not vacate the room
by the specified time shall be entitled to charge 50% of the full room rate as published in the price list until 6 p.m.
for reasons of non-contractual occupation, and if the client vacates the room after 6 p.m. 100% of the full room rate will be
charged. This shall not constitute any contractual claims on the part of the client. Guests, who have booked a room through the website ( directly, can request a late check-out, extending the check-out-time till 2 p.m.

§ 7 Liability of

(1) shall be liable for the fulfillment of its obligations under this contract with the care and diligence of a prudent
businessman. Claims for compensation on the part of the client shall be excluded. This does not apply to claims relating to death,
body injury or damage to health in cases involving a breach of duty by, or to damages caused as a result of an
intentional or grossly negligent breach of contractual duties by, and to damages caused as a result of an intentional
or negligent breach of typical contractual obligations by A breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent
of the accommodation shall constitute a breach of obligation by shall endeavor to remedy any
interferences with or defects in the performance of this contract as soon as it becomes aware of them or as soon as it receives
notification from the client, who should give such notification immediately. The client is obliged to take any reasonable action to
remedy the problem and to keep potential damage to a minimum.
(2) is not liable vis-à-vis the client for property brought into the accommodation. The client is liable for its cash money,
securities, valuables and precious objects. Exceptional liability claims shall lapse, if the client does not inform
immediately upon becoming aware of loss, destruction or damage to property. With regard to more far-reaching liability on the
part of the aforementioned paragraph 1, sentences 2 & 3 shall apply accordingly.
(3) The allocation of bike space in the accommodation, even against payment of a fee, does not constitute a custody agreement. does not accept any liability for loss or damage to any bike, or the contents thereof, which occurs on the property,
except in the event of intention or gross negligence. The paragraph 1, sentences 2 & 3 shall apply accordingly.
(4) Any messages, mail or goods, which arrive for guests, will be handled with care. will deliver, hold, and, for a fee,
forward these messages, mail or goods to guests, who already departed. The paragraph 1, sentences 2 & 3 shall apply accordingly.

§ 8 Concluding Provisions

(1) Amendments and supplements to the contract, to the acceptance proposal and these Terms and Conditions for Accommodation
Contracts must be made in writing. Amendments or supplements made by the client are not valid.
(2) Place of performance and place of payment shall be the place of the accommodation.
(3) The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all commercial transactions, including for disputes concerning checks or bills of exchange,
shall be the place of the accommodation.
(4) In the case of disputes or legal proceedings only the Belgian courts shall have jurisdiction and the laws of Belgium shall be applied
in all such disputes. Local law of each accommodation shall be applied.
(5) Should any of the provisions contained in these General Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts be or become invalid
or void, the remaining provisions will not be affected as a result and remain in full force and effect. Statutory provisions shall also
(6) strictly disassociates itself from any form of discrimination, violence, radicalism and xenophobia.
(7) Use of the hotel name, logo or any other form of publicity or reference to the name ‘’ or pictures of the different
accommodations without permission from the hotel management is strictly forbidden.

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